designer gene

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designer gene

A gene modified or created by genetic engineering.

design′er gene′

a gene altered or created by genetic engineering, esp. for use in gene therapy.

de·sign·er gene

A gene that is created by manipulating the DNA in a cell so that a specific sequence of DNA molecules can be obtained. Designer genes can be used in genetic engineering to help scientists produce substances, such as proteins, needed for research.
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Production designer Gene Allen, a former three-term president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (1983-85) and an Oscar winner for his work on "My Fair Lady," died Oct.
4 GATTACA (1997) SUPERIOR DNA is essential in this future world of designer gene babies.
Tiffany's renowned window designer Gene Moore placed the diamond in the hands of a floating gold wire angel for a 1955 holiday display.
Designer gene delivery vectors: molecular engineering and evolution of adeno-associated viral vectors for enhanced gene transfer.
Mark Karimzadeh, president of M & M Design, makes rugs for menswear designer Gene Meyer, as well as those from other design fields.
By installing a designer gene that offsets the adverse effects of faulty DNA, scientists have prevented sickle-cell disease in mice.
Men's apparel designer Gene Meyer unveiled his new rug collection by M&M Design International.
The next step: injecting the new DNA, a so-called designer gene, into the animals' own cells to see if they will produce larger amounts of biologically active orexin.
And Mr King, 72, said: "The gene is almost a designer gene.
M&M also recently introduced a rug collection by men's apparel designer Gene Meyer.