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tr.v. de·sired, de·sir·ing, de·sires
1. To wish or long for; want: a reporter who desires an interview; a teen who desires to travel.
2. To want to have sex with (another person).
3. To express a wish for; request.
a. The feeling of wanting to have something or wishing that something will happen.
b. An instance of this feeling: She had a lifelong desire to visit China.
2. Sexual appetite; passion.
3. An object of such feeling or passion: A quiet evening with you is my only desire.
4. Archaic A request or petition.

[Middle English desiren, from Old French desirer, from Latin dēsīderāre, to observe or feel the absence of, miss, desire : dē-, de- + -sīderāre (as in cōnsīderāre, to observe attentively, contemplate; see consider).]

de·sir′er n.
Synonyms: desire, covet, crave, want, wish
These verbs mean to have a strong longing for: desire peace; coveted the new car; craving fame and fortune; wanted a drink of water; wished that she had gone to the beach.
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Caligula or Nero, those treasure-seekers, those desirers of the impossible, would have accorded to the poor wretch, in exchange for his wealth, the liberty he so earnestly prayed for.
Tout est importe et vendu a des prix largement plus abordables que les produits forges localement, meme si, cote qualite, les produits d'importation laissent a desirer", explique-t-il.
Cela sans parler des autres epreuves dont la natation synchronisee, le plongeon et le water polo qui restent encore a desirer...
This paper presents unexplored and unaccounted for uses of "wants." The author calls them advisory uses, on which information inaccessible to the desirer himself helps determine what he wants.
Plus que de desirer le meme objet (idem) que celui que desire le mediateur, nous desirons cet objet lui-meme (ipse).
Je peux desirer l'apparence de la justice car je pense que cette derniere est bonne pour moi, mais je ne peux pas desirer l'apparence du bien.
Then a caller calls out, 'O desirer of good, go forth!
Looking ahead, the company expected revenues to pick up from the second quarter due to the launch of the latest version of its flagship HTC One (M8) device and the mid-tier Desirer 816 targeting the Chinese mainland market.
La DJA a ete fixee a partir d'etudes non publiees realisees par les industriels et dont la solidite scientifique laisse a desirer selon de nombreux scientifiques."a
En ce qui concerne le site meme, la presentation et la navigation laissent aussi a desirer. A cet egard, les membres du projet et le public y gagneraient si la partie << Documentation >> etait mise en valeur; elle apparait tout aussi fondamentale que la partie << Accueil >> pour que le visiteur profite pleinement du site, surtout si les concepteurs y inseraient les publications des membres de l'equipe.
"TheT success of Statoil is downo to individuals i with the ability and desirer to think criticallyl and creatir vei ly,y and with the skills and determination to achiec ve e remarkar blea results.