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Having or expressing desire; desiring: Both sides were desirous of finding a quick solution to the problem.

de·sir′ous·ly adv.
de·sir′ous·ness n.
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The churning desirousness of what Barratt calls the 'bodymind' can never be sated by a particular object or experience, nor understood in terms of any representation or fantasy--it is inherently pre-representational.
In Denver we find modeled what we may call a "desirousness" that steers us clear of Sethe's path.
What Hitchcock does, instead, is to show the sexualized woman putting on her glasses and consequently being transformed into spectator, the very picture of desirousness. From the moment that she clearly sees her would-be predator, the nameless blonde in the hospital room switches from defense to offense, murmuring wistfully, breathlessly, lustfully, "Stop....