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HealthDay News | NYT SYNDICATE PEOPLE with desk jobs want to move more, a new study suggests.
LOW pay and poor social circumstances play a bigger role in premature death than sedentary desk jobs, a study found.
ISLAMABAD -- People with desk jobs are at a greater health risk than they realize, according to a latest research.
With the prevalence of fast food and desk jobs, being fit has become a lifestyle choice rather than being something that's that's taken for granted.
Administrative work gives you a break from time on your feet, but dancers are susceptible to the wrist, neck and low back issues that come along with desk jobs, according to Liederbach.
Hiring visually impaired workers allegedly for desk jobs, babus turn them into sweepers
He said his involvement in sports may be an opportunity to show fellow policemen that they, too, can stay physically fit even as they age or are assigned to desk jobs.
As young men and women trade manual labor for desk jobs, they become less physically active and therefore, more susceptible to cardiovascular problems.
Gillian, Linsey and Nichola Reith all gave up their corporate nine-to-five desk jobs to fulfill their life-long ambition - to open up their own caf.
DESK jobs and fast food contribute to high blood pressure in 70 per cent of adults and half of all those under 35, figures from LloydsPharmacy show.
New York, May 28 (ANI): A study has found that desk jobs are the reason behind the obesity epidemic among workers in the U.