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Noun1.desk phone - a telephone set that sits on a desk or tabledesk phone - a telephone set that sits on a desk or table
phone, telephone, telephone set - electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
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This solution provides contact center agents with cloud-based access to contact center functionality as well as a unified desktop and communications device (soft phone or desk phone).
One of the major changes to look forward to is that in less than a decade, the use of newer tools called "collaborative technologies" will be far more common and consequently replace the old-fashioned desk phone, printer or meeting room.
Oliver Bonas''s chunky Fifties-style desk phone, pounds 49.50, could have come straight from the set of a black and white movie.
First introduced in 1937, the Desk Phone was designed by the prolific industrial designer Henry Dreyfuss who used ear to mouth measurements from 2000 people to create the ergonomic handset.
More importantly, though, end users have a comfort level now mixing voice with the Web, and this shifts the locus of control away from the voice-centric desk phone to the applicationscentric desktop.
<p>Once in the meeting room, the remote employee could be notified of resources in the room such as an IP desk phone and video screen and then use those to continue the meeting, controlling the whole process via the smartphone.
The solution allows users to set special call-handling rules based on GPS location or time of day, and switch from a mobile device to a desk phone in mid-call with the push of a button.--Avaya
All from Matalan.; RETRO 1949 Dreyfuss500 desk phone (left).
No papers or other items on your desk will be disturbed, but the extras will have to look like they're working so they may handle the desk phone and act like they're using the computer.
Another great application of Voice-over IP technology is the soft phone, which is turning your PC or laptop into a device that has the ability to operate as a desk phone. You could use the microphone and speakers of the PC if you wanted to, or a headset or a handset.
Moments later--in a buttoned down tux--the man who famously threw a tantrum at being unable to read a poem (on camera) at the BAFTAs, returned with cameras rolling bearing a black desk phone and warned recipients that if their speeches ran more than 45 seconds they should, "say hello to my little friend."
Working the help desk phone line is just one of her tasks.