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Any of various green unicellular chiefly freshwater algae of the order Desmidiales, reproducing through conjugation and sometimes forming filaments or colonies.

[From New Latin Desmidiāceae, family name, from Desmidium, type genus, from Greek desmos, bond, from dein, to bind.]
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(Plants) any freshwater green alga of the mainly unicellular family Desmidioideae, typically constricted into two symmetrical halves
[C19: from New Latin Desmidium (genus name), from Greek desmos bond, from dein to bind]
desˈmidian adj
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(ˈdɛz mɪd)

any green algae of the family Desmidiaceae, each alga being composed of symmetrical half-cells bridged by a nucleus and usu. living colonially in a branching mat.
[1860–65; < New Latin Desmidium a genus < Greek desm(ós) a chain]
des•mid′i•an, adj.
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Noun1.desmid - freshwater green algaedesmid - freshwater green algae    
chlorophyte, green algae - algae that are clear green in color; often growing on wet ricks or damp wood or the surface of stagnant water
Desmidium, genus Desmidium - a genus of protoctist
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Among the major algal groups inhabiting the bromeliad phytotelmata are the desmids, especially Cosmarium Corda ex Ralfs considered the largest desmid genus in terms of number of species (over 2,000), and one of the oldest names among the placoderm desmids (Prescott et al., 1981; Sophia et al., 2004; Bicudo and Menezes, 2017; Brook and Johnson, 2011).
It was maximum in December (27.1%) and minimum in July (3.0%) and desmids constituted 11%, it was maximum in October (28.6%) and minimum in January (3.1%).
During the rainy season, pennate diatoms and desmids from functional group P (Closterium sp.), Na (Cosmarium sp.
Lenzenweger and Lutz (2006) studied algae from very humid moss patches along the rims of small ponds near the shore of the Kongsfjorden in July 2004 and reported 58 taxa of desmids. Kim et al.
The phytoplankton, volvocles, chlorococcales and desmids. Hydrobiologia,.
Order Zygnematales (particularly Desmids) formed a major contributor of Chlorophyceae.
desmids. [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] 9b) Cell is not mirror image ...