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a. desmoplásico-a, causante de adherencias.
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Desmoplasia around the glands may develop as a result of a benign process, such as reaction to gland rupture and mucin extravasation.
Microscopically, the tumours showed diffuse infiltration by signet ring cells with surrounding zones of desmoplasia.
The tumor showed foci of squamous metaplasia (blue arrow) infiltrating the soft tissues and areas of dense hyalinization with focal desmoplasia of the connective tissue (yellow arrow), suggestive of an ameloblastoma with mixed subtypes consisting of follicular, cystic, acanthomatous, and desmoplastic variants (figures 4A, B, and C).
Desmoplasia refers to the growth of fibrous or connective tissue near the tumor and is increased in tumors with aggressive properties.
Pancreatic cancer is characterized by a predominant desmoplastic response and the activation of PSCs (pancreatic stellate cells) is mainly responsible for the desmoplasia [29,30].
Another view is that MMP9 positive cells from the tumoral front are stimulating the inflammation, desmoplasia, and neovascularization, resulting in tumoral dissemination [132].
They are separated by thin, hypocellular fibrous septa that lack ovariantype stroma or desmoplasia, as seen in MEST and CDC, respectively, or the myxoid, edematous stroma seen in oncocytoma with predominant tubulocystic pattern.
It also prevents pain sequelae by rapidly inhibiting the congestion, edema and necrosis of ganglia and corresponding sensory fibers and by preventing desmoplasia.
ix) There is no evidence of necrosis and no desmoplasia [7].
The intervening fibrocollagenous stroma shows mild to moderate desmoplasia.
2007) reported that rats exposed prenatally to 25 [micro]g BPA/kg BW/day displayed a higher number of ductal hyperplasias associated with desmoplasia in adulthood.