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(Biology) cytology a structure in the cell membranes of adjacent cells that binds them together
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(ˈdɛz məˌsoʊm)

a plaquelike site on a cell surface that functions in maintaining cohesion with an adjacent cell.
[1930–35; < Greek desm(ós) band, chain (see desmid) + -o- + -some3]
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Estrogens promote cell-cell adhesion of normal and malignant mammary cells through increased desmosome formation.
Adhesion between corneocytes is assumed to occur by the desmosome apparatus (corneodesmosome), composed of desmosomal cadherin, armadillo proteins, and plakins.
They interact with plakoglobin, desmoplakin, and plakophilin that are involved in desmosome assembly and the anchoring of intermediate filaments of desmin [10].
(5) These symptoms depend on the sites of impaired desmosome function and usually vary in their presentation, such as oral pain, stinging, sore throat, hoarseness, dysphonia, dysphagia, odynophagia, epistaxis, nasal congestion, blood-tinged mucus, otalgia, ear canal obstruction, vaginal discharge and pain, ocular pain, and excessive tearing.
Results are expressed as means [+ or -] SEM of desmosome protein (desm) and Ki-67 positive cells per area ([mm.sup.2]) (n = 7).
As revealed in Figure 4, hepatic lobular architecture was clear and tightly aligned with large blue-hued nucleus that was seen in control mice, while the hepatic samples from NDEA-challenged mice presented nuclear fragmentation, cytoplasm condenses, fragmented desmosome complexes, and cell separated from whose neighbors.
We argued that the LEKTI deficient expression and the increased KLK5, 7 expressions in the keratinocytes under imbalance Th1/Th2 cytokines may lead desmosome cleavage and abnormal FLG expression and processing and induce the impairment the skin barrier, though Hatano et al.
Increased lipogenesis, damage of desmosome structure, and PPAR-gamma activation were observed in the patientspecific iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes.
However, when we isolated desmosome molecules and characterized them we found that they are actually much more flexible than those of the other junctions -- the total opposite to what people had thought!"
It is characterized by immunoglobulin G auto antibodies against desmosome associated protein antigens (desmoglein 1 and/or 3) found in epithelial and epidermal intercellular substance.
The zinc-finger protein slug causes desmosome dissociation, an initial and necessary step for growth factor-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
Skin fragility in these mice, and in humans with AEC syndrome, was associated with altered desmosome gene expression mediated by mutant p63 [47].