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v. & n.
Variant of dispatch.
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(tr) a less common spelling of dispatch
desˈpatcher n
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1. to send off or away with speed, as a messenger, telegram, or body of troops.
2. to put to death; kill.
3. to transact or dispose of (a matter) promptly or speedily.
4. Archaic. to hasten; be quick.
5. the sending off of a messenger, letter, etc.
6. the act of putting to death; execution.
7. prompt or speedy action.
8. a message or official communication sent with speed, esp. by special messenger.
9. a news story transmitted to a newspaper by a reporter, wire service, etc.
[1510–20; < Italian dispacciare to hasten, or < Sp despachar both ultimately < Old French despeechier to unshackle]
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Past participle: despatched
Gerund: despatching

I despatch
you despatch
he/she/it despatches
we despatch
you despatch
they despatch
I despatched
you despatched
he/she/it despatched
we despatched
you despatched
they despatched
Present Continuous
I am despatching
you are despatching
he/she/it is despatching
we are despatching
you are despatching
they are despatching
Present Perfect
I have despatched
you have despatched
he/she/it has despatched
we have despatched
you have despatched
they have despatched
Past Continuous
I was despatching
you were despatching
he/she/it was despatching
we were despatching
you were despatching
they were despatching
Past Perfect
I had despatched
you had despatched
he/she/it had despatched
we had despatched
you had despatched
they had despatched
I will despatch
you will despatch
he/she/it will despatch
we will despatch
you will despatch
they will despatch
Future Perfect
I will have despatched
you will have despatched
he/she/it will have despatched
we will have despatched
you will have despatched
they will have despatched
Future Continuous
I will be despatching
you will be despatching
he/she/it will be despatching
we will be despatching
you will be despatching
they will be despatching
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been despatching
you have been despatching
he/she/it has been despatching
we have been despatching
you have been despatching
they have been despatching
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been despatching
you will have been despatching
he/she/it will have been despatching
we will have been despatching
you will have been despatching
they will have been despatching
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been despatching
you had been despatching
he/she/it had been despatching
we had been despatching
you had been despatching
they had been despatching
I would despatch
you would despatch
he/she/it would despatch
we would despatch
you would despatch
they would despatch
Past Conditional
I would have despatched
you would have despatched
he/she/it would have despatched
we would have despatched
you would have despatched
they would have despatched
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Noun1.despatch - an official report (usually sent in haste)despatch - an official report (usually sent in haste)
dateline - a line at the beginning of a news article giving the date and place of origin of the news dispatch
news report, write up, account, report, story - a short account of the news; "the report of his speech"; "the story was on the 11 o'clock news"; "the account of his speech that was given on the evening news made the governor furious"
2.despatch - the property of being prompt and efficient; "it was done with dispatch"
celerity, rapidity, rapidness, speediness, quickness - a rate that is rapid
3.despatch - killing a person or animal
kill, putting to death, killing - the act of terminating a life
4.despatch - the act of sending off something
departure, going, going away, leaving - the act of departing
reshipment - the act of shipping again (especially by transferring to another ship)
Verb1.despatch - send away towards a designated goal
ship, transport, send - transport commercially
bundle off - send off unceremoniously
route - send documents or materials to appropriate destinations
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see dispatch
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- Portage at the Falls- Portage by Moonlight.- An Attack, a Route, and a Robbery.- Indian Cure for Cowardice.- A Parley and Compromise.- The Despatch Party Turn Back.- Meet Crooks and John Day.- Their Sufferings.- Indian Perfidy.- Arrival at Astoria.
When he arrived, Reed was weltering in his blood, and an Indian standing over him and about to despatch him with a tomahawk.
A third object of moment was to send despatches overland to Mr.
Forward then they set, the Indians with their horses well freighted, and the first load convoyed by Reed and five men, well armed; the gallant Irishman striding along at the head, with his tin case of despatches glittering on his back.
They resolved, therefore, to take further toll of the travellers, and, if possible, to capture the tin case of despatches; which shining conspicuously from afar, and being guarded by John Reed with such especial care, must, as they supposed, be "a great medicine."
It seldom happens in the negotiation of treaties, of whatever nature, but that perfect SECRECY and immediate DESPATCH are sometimes requisite.
So often and so essentially have we heretofore suffered from the want of secrecy and despatch, that the Constitution would have been inexcusably defective, if no attention had been paid to those objects.
The hurry of the times, the loading and discharging organization of the docks, the use of hoisting machinery which works quickly and will not wait, the cry for prompt despatch, the very size of his ship, stand nowadays between the modern seaman and the thorough knowledge of his craft.
As long as you keep her propeller under water and take care, say, not to fling down barrels of oil on top of bales of silk, or deposit an iron bridge-girder of five ton or so upon a bed of coffee-bags, you have done about all in the way of duty that the cry for prompt despatch will allow you to do.
"An important despatch from Washington has just arrived, sir.
But the last had scarcely left before a servant entered with another despatch.
The despatch came from court about the time we expected.