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n. Law
1. The withholding of property from its rightful owner.
2. The holding of a person in custody, especially under a writ authorizing continued custody for the purposes of making the person available to other authorities to answer other charges.
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1. (Law) the wrongful withholding of the property of another person
2. (Law)
a. the detention of a person in custody
b. a writ authorizing the further detention of a person already in custody
[C17: from Anglo-French detener (n), from detener to detain]
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(dɪˈteɪ nər)

1. a writ for the further detention of a person already in custody.
2. the wrongful withholding of what belongs to another.
[1610–20; < Anglo-French detener (n. use of infinitive), variant of Old French detenir]
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The poor thing couldn't bear that; she grew white and red in rapid succession, and, while tears beaded her lashes, bent the strength of her small fingers to loosen the firm clutch of Catherine; and perceiving that as fast as she raised one finger off her arm another closed down, and she could not remove the whole together, she began to make use of her nails; and their sharpness presently ornamented the detainer's with crescents of red.
Nobody else went to the expense of lodging a detainer, trusting to our holding him fast enough, I warrant you.
'I still look round, from time to time, sir,' said Mr Rugg, cheerfully, 'to see whether any lingering Detainers are accumulating at the gate.
"Barely a week earlier, he had been booked into jail on similar charges, allegedly against the same victim, and released on bond after the detainer was issued," the newspaper reported.
She noted how as California attorney general she had alerted the county sheriffs that they were not required to comply with detainer requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement,( reported NDTV.
Richmond Joseph and her court officer were indicted on April 25 in federal court in Boston, charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly preventing an ICE officer from taking into custody a man who was the subject of an immigration detainer and warrant of removal.
971.11(2), the Intrastate Detainer Act (IDA), required the State to bring Henningsen's criminal case to trial within 120 days, by July 17, 2009.
Shah was arrested two weeks ago and faced counts of forcible detainer, forgery and conspiracy to defraud.
In view of the repeated refusal to vacate and pay, MSI filed a complaint for unlawful detainer against Vie.
After an unlawful detainer hearing, a district court awarded the VHDA possession.
Detainer requests are not warrants though they are often labeled that way, he said, and they are not signed by a judge and not enough for a state agency to hold someone otherwise free to leave.