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Noun1.detective agency - an agency that makes inquiries for its clients
agency - a business that serves other businesses
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Twice he changed cabs, and finally fetched up at the night office of a detective agency. He superintended the thing himself, laid down money in advance in profuse quantities, selected the six men he needed, and gave them their instructions.
When a former policeman set up his own pet detective agency to find missing moggies, he soon realised he needed a partner.
The director will also be in front of the camera, playing the role of Bosley, the owner of the detective agency, Charlie Townsend.
Fans of author Alexander McCall Smith and his much loved The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency series are in for a treat on Monday when he helps mark the programme launch of Stirling's Bloody Scotland International Crime Writing Festival.
ALEXANDER McCall Smith will celebrate 20 years of the No1 Ladies' Detective Agency series at Scotland's biggest crime writing festival.
The Pinks: The First Women Detectives, Operatives, and Spies with the Pinkerton National Detective Agency is recommended for history, women's issues, and sociology holdings with a special interest in law enforcement as it surveys the Pinkerton Detective Agency and the true stories surrounding the first woman detective in America and those who came after her.
Inventing the Pinkertons, or, Spies, Sleuths, Mercenaries, and Thugs: Being a Story of the Nation's Most Famous (and Infamous) Detective Agency
According to a senior police officer, the snooping syndicate involved many important people as a former Joint Director of Central Bureau of Investigation ( CBI) was one of the top officials of the detective agency that has allegedly obtained Call Record Details ( CDRs) for its clients Arrests Among the four arrested in the case is a detective who was earlier booked for allegedly obtaining BJP leader Arun Jaitley's call detail records in 2013.
She came to New York City in 1909, made friends, met Captain Dan Sullivan of the Police Department in a somewhat romantic way and opened a detective agency. So much for the beginnings of this delightful series.
It consists of sources such as trial transcripts, police and forensic reports, criminal case files, detective agency records, detective novels, and newspaper accounts.
The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency novel series by Alexander McCall Smith is delightfully different from other mystery thrillers.
A debut author, a debut series and a considerable level of excitement as Mary Godwin and Lady Ada Byron are about to meet and form their very own detective agency. The prospects are not good, they don't exactly see eye to eye when they meet, but perhaps this will make for the perfect team.

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