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Noun1.detective novel - novel in which the reader is challenged to solve a puzzle before the detective explains it at the end
novel - an extended fictional work in prose; usually in the form of a story
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The books he liked were queer; sometimes I would find him poring over the poems of Mallarme, and he read them as a child reads, forming the words with his lips, and I wondered what strange emotion he got from those subtle cadences and obscure phrases; and again I found him absorbed in the detective novels of Gaboriau.
Another element that links the detective novel to earlier forms of lesbian narrative is its assertion of the right to both ontological and moral definition.
His books, which stress the intellectual or puzzle element in the solution of crimes and frequently have a historical setting, include The Bride of Newgate (1950); Behind the Crimson Blind (1952); Poison in Jest (1952); Eight of Swords (1953); Cut-Throat (1955); The Dead Man's Knock (1958); The Witch of the Low Tide: An Edwardian Melodrama (1961); The Man Who Explained Miracles (1963), short stories; Panic in Box C (1966); The Ghosts' High Noon (1970); The Hungry Goblin: A Victorian Detective Novel (1972); and The Door to Doom (1980).
Known for her role as Amy Porter in the hit series Waterloo Road, Manchesterborn Nisa, inset, played Penelope Betteredge in a five-part adaptation of Wilkie Collins' 19th century detective novel The Moonstone on BBC1 from Monday to Friday this week.
Royal Mail is issuing six stamps to mark the centenary of the year Christie wrote her first detective novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which introduced her much loved Belgian detective Hercule Poirot to the world.
The Missing Links: A Demand Driven Supply Chain Detective Novel
Gunther, even though employed by the German Reich, has his own sense of justice, like a lot of sleuths who have preceded him in this Read the book a superb detective novel.
We are so accustomed to the proliferation of the detective novel in Latin America that in the last few years we have barely noticed that many of these novels scarcely conform to the historically imposed conventions of the genre.
James writes of the importance of the detective novel. The author's overview on the genre, Talking About Detective Fiction, was written at the request of Oxford's Bodleian Library as a primer for interested readers.
Second most popular was another detective novel - The Overlook by American crime writer Michael Connelly.
"Just This" is the title of one chapter (or is it section, division, segment?) of Laura Mullen's Murmur, and if "lust This" is the resolution of any detective novel, the mystery of the murder, the aim, for that matter, of the writer, it is never, finally, "Just This" The book always escapes its resolution.