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To pursue his secret has something of the fascination of a detective story.
Like a good detective story myself," remarked Miss Howard.
This is a lively and thoughtful hybrid of detective story and psychological literary fiction.
It's a very interesting thing that Mankell puts dementia into a detective story, when sometimes the identification of Alzheimer's or dementia is, in itself, a detective story.
The roots of the detective story, he said, run to Poe's fascination with scientific thinking.
Edgar Award finalist Keigo Higashino presents Malice: A Mystery, a detective story set in modern Japan, now available as an unabridged audiobook.
The children, aged between seven and 10, from schools around Newcastle, were asked to write a detective story titled Death on the Tyne.
1976: Dame Agatha Christie, the world's most successful detective story writer, died aged 85.
The 'golden age' of the English detective story during this span of 40 years or so is an important and often overlooked feature of English popular culture, as significant in its way as the dance bands and the early BBC.
Edgar Allan Poe is often considered the father of the modern detective story.
A screen and stage actor, Wiseman's film credits include Detective Story (1951) and The Unforgiven (1960).
TONY HILLERMAN (University of New Mexico), 83, the acclaimed Navajo mystery novelist, "blazed innovative trails in the American detective story," according to a New York Times obituary.