detective work

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Noun1.detective work - a police investigation to determine the perpetratordetective work - a police investigation to determine the perpetrator; "detection is hard on the feet"
police investigation, police work - the investigation of criminal activities
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"It's a very bad definition, but it does apply to detective work."
He used to say that all good detective work was a mere matter of method.
"You wonder," said my companion, "why it is that Mycroft does not use his powers for detective work. He is incapable of it."
"Oh, just noticing the evidence and piecing this and that together, your honor; just an ordinary little bit of detective work; anybody could 'a' done it."
Apart from the exciting detective work that goes into analyzing paint samples and hunting down provenance, there is that visceral pleasure of witnessing a Victorian mask being expertly peeled off of a Renaissance portrait, or just simply seeing a stunning work of art emerge from surface grime and old varnish.
But it now seem old-fashioned detective work has identified a prime suspect after gardai tracked the man's movements on CCTV.
You can usually do a bit of detective work by looking at what grows in the neighbourhood.
While Brutus (Bradley Walsh) holds the fort at El Baro, Woody (Kayvan Novak) does most of the detective work, running rings round the locals in different disguises.
Now Sam is investigating a powerful chain of events in this revealing novel of intrigue and detective work, perfect for any mystery reader seeking more depth and complexity in a plot.
LIVERPOOL'S top judge attacked Merseyside police for failing to carry out "basic detective work" after they took a drug dealer's word for how many cannabis plants he grew.
His classmates call on him to solve their problems but school bores him as it inteferes with his detective work. The Segway disappears, stolen, he believes by a wealthy classmate, who operates a rival detective agency, and Timmy plots to get it back before his mother finds out.
Laura Marlin is an 11-year-old with a passion for detective work. In this story she finds herself in the world of horse race-fixing.