detention basin

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Noun1.detention basin - a storage site (such as a small reservoir) that delays the flow of water downstream
catchment area, catchment basin, drainage area, drainage basin, river basin, watershed, basin - the entire geographical area drained by a river and its tributaries; an area characterized by all runoff being conveyed to the same outlet; "flood control in the Missouri basin"
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Formation of a detention basin with associated landscaping at Royal Ordnance, Station Road, Bishopton ?
The site development included 22.5 acres of land disturbance, 40,000 CY of grading, temporary and permanent storm drainage bypass systems, and a dry detention basin that includes a sand filter and site utilities.
Mature trees and established native plants help provide screening from Roosevelt Road, repel mosquitoes and filter the stormwater that flows from the north part of their neighborhood into the detention basin to the south of Garfield Court.
The lost time has been due to unforeseen reinforced concrete excavation in the detention basin area and utility relocation, she said.
The company's latest innovation in the fight against flooding is a sustainable detention basin, planned for an area of Cramlington, North Tyneside, later this year.
Once the soil medium within a detention basin is determined to no longer be effective in filtering storm water, the next step is to remove and dispose spent material and replace it with clean media (Ching 2001).
EPA Superfund emergency response and removal actions began in August 2010, to stabilize the site and remove the most highly contaminated materials, including building materials, surface soils, sediment, and surface water in the onsite detention basin.
During a storm, water drains through an open-graded asphalt mix into a stone infiltration bed, which provides stormwater storage volume similar to a detention basin. But unlike in a detention basin, water also infiltrates through the soil, removing many of the pollutants commonly found in pavement runoff and providing groundwater recharge.
The ten-acre park is a storm-water detention basin that combines environmental benefits with recreation, wildlife education, and a California-history theme.
Northumbrian Water plans to create a detention basin - a landscaped area shaped in such a way that it would store excess surface water during intensive storms.
That led to a proposal to construct an open detention basin in the Brightwood Avenue area at a cost of $750,000.