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Noun1.detergence - detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power
usefulness, utility - the quality of being of practical use
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By removing a properly centered posterior disc of the recipient stroma and placing an identical disc of the donor cornea in its place, three challenges of classic DSAEK are overcame, namely, centration, where the newly placed disc is placed in an exact central location, and cannot move, and over thickness of the graft/host complex putting extra burden on the newly implanted endothelium to deterge the thick complex in classic DSAEK in contrary to FS-assisted DSAEK where the posterior-removed disc is replaced by the new tissue thus decreasing the final corneal thickness and facilitating detergence of the edema.
The positive controls CPT (23% [+ or -] 11) as well as the detergence Triton-X 100 (16% [+ or -] 4) significantly reduced the viability as compared to stimulated cells alone (100% [+ or -]15).
The Recommendation therefore provides an official setting for a code of god practice industry developed in 1996, backed by the Association internationale de la savonnerie, de la detergence et des produits d'entretien (AISE, the official body that represents the soap, detergent and maintenance products industry towards European and other international organisations.