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tr.v. de·terred, de·ter·ring, de·ters
1. To prevent or discourage from acting, as by means of fear or doubt: threats that did not deter her from speaking out; skin chemicals that deter predators.
2. To prevent or discourage (an action or behavior): installed surveillance cameras to deter vandalism.
3. To make less likely or prevent from happening: protocols to deter infection.

[Latin dēterrēre : dē-, de- + terrēre, to frighten.]

de·ter′ment n.
de·ter′ra·ble adj.
de·ter′rer n.
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Noun1.determent - a communication that makes you afraid to try something
discouragement - the expression of opposition and disapproval
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nAbschreckung f(from von); (= means)Abschreckungsmittel nt
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"The Trump administration is pushing the center of Iranian politics to the right at the determent of the Iranian people and the entire region," said Ali Vaez, an Iran analyst for the International Crisis Group.
It is a wave of populism that is increasingly becoming the biggest threat to democracy, by creating an 'us-versus-them' political system, in a bid to overhaul establishment models of governance, heavily controlled by socioeconomic elites to the perceived determent of the masses.
These upfront costs can sometimes be a determent for institutions.
The program also introduces a three-pronged strategy to combat corruption through education, determent and interventions.
Many Nigerian politicians are desperate to get into political offices even at the determent of the lives of their countrymen.
He said Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal Khan are determent to make green Balochistan like other province, saying that tree plantation is extremely important for our province.
At the center of the plan must be the recognition of two fundamental facts that have been proven through scientific research beyond any doubt, but which are ignored by irresponsible politicians and a sensationalist media to the determent of all of humanity.
Naheed Shah Durrani, MD SEF; briefing the board, stated that the foundation during the last few years has made efforts to supplement the efforts of the School Education and Literacy Determent (SELD).
Thus, we integrate family related social support as domain, emotional and instrumental as types, and coworkers as source and propose to determent their integrative effects on workplace outcomes.
State and local governments across the country, the report claimed, were focused mainly on maximizing their own tax revenues to the determent of large businesses and neighboring tax authorities.
Speaking at the NNPC Day at the ongoing 39th Kaduna International Trade Fair in Kaduna on Wednesday, the NNPC boss remarked that in spite of the security challenges experience in the basin, there would not be any determent in resuming to start oil exploration.