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1. Precisely limited or defined; definite: a determinate number; a determinate distance.
2. Conclusively settled; final.
3. Firm in purpose; resolute.
4. Botany
a. Terminating in a flower and blooming in a sequence beginning with the uppermost or central flower: a determinate inflorescence.
b. Not continuing indefinitely at the tip of an axis: determinate growth.

[Middle English, from Latin dēterminātus, past participle of dētermināre, to determine; see determine.]

de·ter′mi·nate·ly adv.
de·ter′mi·nate·ness n.
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Noun1.determinateness - the quality of being predictable with great confidence
conclusiveness, finality, decisiveness - the quality of being final or definitely settled; "the finality of death"
predictability - the quality of being predictable
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Yates; on the comic, Tom Bertram, not quite alone, because it was evident that Mary Crawford's wishes, though politely kept back, inclined the same way: but his determinateness and his power seemed to make allies unnecessary; and, independent of this great irreconcilable difference, they wanted a piece containing very few characters in the whole, but every character first-rate, and three principal women.
Language thus emerges "as the mediating middle between self-sufficient and recognized self-consciousnesses." (47) The conscientious self, free from all determinateness and so universal, "recognizes all other selves and is recognized by them." (48)
[...] Thus the way in which Being and its modes and characteristics have their meaning determined primordially in terms of time, is what we shall call its "Temporal" determinateness. Thus the fundamental ontological task of Interpreting Being as such includes working out the Temporality of Being.
There is irreducible, lived singularity: "Individuum implies determinateness as this unique one, that can be encountered at no other time or place....
In this process, mediation "winds the end back into the beginning", as the end becomes a "new beginning", which differs from its antecedent precisely due to this determination; "[f]or the result contains its beginning and its course has enriched it with a new determinateness" (Hegel 2010, 750).
But it is only in the simplest military operations that such an order of determinateness exists.
530, 545 (1999) (arguing that "there is a tendency for generality and determinateness to go together" in rule-based decisionmaking).
In a sense, then, no one is: reality lacks the determinateness that is required for it to select one of them as the credence function that reflects truth for w.
Job flexibility is a collection of temporal matters comprising the amount of hours, strict times, determinateness and capacity to organize one's own hours.
Alexy's exclusive focus on rationality is unnecessary because rationality is not the only source of determinateness; unfortunate because by ignoring other constraining sources, Alexy does not provide a full response to Habermas's critique; and distortive insofar as it misdescribes the nature of the decision-making involved, and in so doing problematically narrows the scope of appropriate participants in the rendering of balancing decisions.
(61) They come from a world where there is no such thing as determinateness, where everything is mashed together, where one can like completely antithetical things and not think twice about doing so, where everything is what it is and the job is to learn it, hopefully quickly and painlessly, and move on.
(116) It is only to say that the provision takes a form that, more than not, meets the generality and determinateness criteria for being a rule.

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