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a person who or a thing that determines
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(dɪˈtɜr mə nər)

1. one that determines.
2. a member of a subclass of English limiting adjectival words that usu. precede descriptive adjectives, including the articles the, a, and an, and any words that may substitute for them, as your, their, some, and each.
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'In a deregulated regime, market forces and competition, which is very much alive, is the ultimate price determinator,' according to Eastern Petroleum Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Fernando Martinez in a text message.
LECO's thermogravimetric moisture determinator, the TGM800, provides a high precision, automated solution while meeting requirements of a primary loss-on-drying method.
ADS provides IIDs under its Determinator product line, which Directed will maintain moving forward.
And then, samples are put into a determinator (4 samples at a time) which connects a water channel between the instrument and the ceramic plate.
Meanwhile, the total organic carbon (TOC) contents were measured using a LECO CS-230 Carbon/Sulfur Determinator according to the Chinese Oil and Gas Industry Standard GB/T 19145-2003.
Calorific value and total sulfur determinations and proximate analysis were separately carried out using an SDC5015 Calorimeter, an SDS616 Sulfur Determinator and an Xl-2000 Muffle Furnace (all Sande Technology Co., Ltd, Hunan Province, China).
The coal samples were analyzed for calorific value [10] by Isoperibol bomb calorimeter (Parr 6300, USA) and sulfur content [11] by SC-32 LECO sulfur determinator. Ultimate analysis, including total Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H), Nitrogen (N) and Oxygen (O) were calculated from the described formula [12].
Developed by scientists at the Western Research Institute, the novel separation process is called asphaltene determinator. The process reduces the time involved to complete a separation from days to hours.
Persistent hyperglycemia is a better determinator of prognosis than admission glycemia in patients with acute coronary syndrome.