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v. de·thatched, de·thatch·ing, de·thatch·es
To remove (dead grass) from a lawn, usually to aerate the soil.
To remove dead grass from a lawn.

de·thatch′er n.
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vb (tr)
to remove dead grass from (a lawn)
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If the thatch is greater than one-half inch, the lawn should be core aerated or dethatched in fall.
Medical supplies maker Boston Scientific issued a major recall after complaints that some units of its iCross Coronary Imaging Catheters dethatched inside of patients.
Generally the area is vertical-mowed (dethatched or verticut) in several directions before overseeding and then cut at a short height.
Small lawns can be dethatched using a steel rake to pull the matted layer away from the soil where it can be collected.
Areas that are prone to thatching may need to be dethatched once or even several times per year.