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v. de·thatched, de·thatch·ing, de·thatch·es
To remove (dead grass) from a lawn, usually to aerate the soil.
To remove dead grass from a lawn.

de·thatch′er n.


vb (tr)
to remove dead grass from (a lawn)
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Add to all of that the dethatching capabilities of sheep feet and you might wonder why folks choose mechanical mowing machines at all.
Dethatching is hard work, so it's smart to prevent buildup in the first place.
Weekends, especially, offer blocks of time in which to accomplish tasks such as aeration or dethatching and, of course, mowing.
Services include irrigation systems, pavers & hardscapes, complete arbor services, aeration & dethatching, debris removal and pressure washing.
They experimented with various ratios of water and fertilizer, aerated the patch, and debated the pros and cons of dethatching.
There are implements specifically made for dethatching only, but a tine harrow is many implements in one.
3 Autumn is the best time to dethatch your lawn using a dethatching machine available from rental companies.
Robert learned the proper procedure for aerating and dethatching turf.
The frequency of dethatching operations is determined by the rate of thatch accumulation.
Much has been said concerning the value of dethatching lawns.
The data also suggest that establishment of Tifdwarf bermudagrass from sprigs, and recovery from disruptive cultivation practices such as core aerification and dethatching, may be slower during periods of high temperature (>30[degrees]C) and light (>1000 [micro]mol [m.
The wasps do such a good job that I can almost forgive them for also dethatching my bird table (which had a little straw roof) and making teeth marks in my wooden deckchair.