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 (dĕt′n-o͞o′, -yo͞o′)
n. Law
a. An action to recover possession or the value of property wrongfully detained.
b. The writ authorizing such action.
2. The act of unlawfully detaining personal property.

[Middle English detenue, from Old French, detention, from feminine past participle of detenir, to detain; see detain.]
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(Law) law an action brought by a plaintiff to recover goods wrongfully detained
[C15: from Old French detenue, from detenir to detain]
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(ˈdɛt nˌu, -ˈyu)

(in common law) an action to recover personal property wrongfully detained.
[1425–75; late Middle English detenu < Anglo-French detenue, detinue detention, orig. feminine past participle of detenir to detain]
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It was noted in the judgment summary that Wall had questioned the characterization of cryptocurrencies and whether the law - doctrines of conversion and detinue which is for goods and personal property - was applicable in this case.&nbsp;
These included 'actions for recovery of moneys exacted colore officii or paid by mistake, and those for trespass, detinue and conversion where the plaintiff challenges the validity of the authority relied upon by the defendant as an answer to the allegedly tortious acts'.
The seldom-palindromized duplex name "Vladimir Putin," for instance, has two such essential verbal "familiars"; it cannot be used--at least, not with any reasonable degree of savoir faire, in my opinion--in a palindromic passage unless somewhere nearby there lurk its keyword minions "Lvov" and "manitu." Likewise, I know of no tolerably literate way to use the name "United States" in a palindromic passage without also including, elsewhere in the passage, the legalese term "detinue." (See the examples below.) This article identifies a number of relatively reversal-tolerant familiar duplex names and incorporates them into palindromic passages.
property), detinue (to recover possession of personal property
Spence, (68) The Doodeward case was an action for detinue, concerning the remains of a stillborn two-headed baby that had been preserved in spirits in a bottle by the doctor who attended the mother.
(96) The tax collector then levied on the bondholder's assets for underpayment, and this decision set the stage for an action in detinue by the bondholder.
This case cites a passage from Lord Denning's decision in Strand Electric & Engineering Co Brisford Entertainment Ltd, which was an action for the proprietary tort of detinue:
(55) At common law, the action for vindication of pre-existing property rights fell into disuse following the decline of the writ of detinue until its abolition by the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 (UK), c 32, s 2.
Commercial and Consumer Collections; Revival, Registration and Enforcement of Judgments; Replevin and Detinue; and Evictions.
Okorie, Flexibility of Damages for Conversion and Detinue, 17 AFR.
torts then typically involved causes of action such as detinue, the
Without the intention to keep it in defiance of the owner's title (by refusing to relinquish it, for example), the appropriate action for wrongful detention was detinue. Even if the chattels were lost or destroyed through the negligence of the defendant, conversion would only lie if there was a wilful and wrongful interference with them; thus a bailee, who by accident lost or damaged the goods entrusted to him, was not liable in conversion but merely in detinue.