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tr.v. de·trib·al·ized, de·trib·al·iz·ing, de·trib·al·iz·es
To cause to lose tribal membership and customs.

de·trib′al·i·za′tion (-trī′bə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Noun1.detribalization - the act of causing tribal people to abandon their customs and adopt urban ways of living
social control - control exerted (actively or passively) by group action
2.detribalization - the decline or termination of tribal organization
disunion - the termination or destruction of union
tribalisation, tribalization - the act of making tribal; unification on a tribal basis
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A constant worry confronting the colonial administrators was that 'detribalization' and the consequent urbanization of Africans would engender social indiscipline and political agitation.
Bamutta showed no fear of 'detribalization' or loss of culture through education in English and in Britain.
The victory belonged to every one of them, and pledged their governments to economic self-reliance through indigenous control of resources, to the rehabilitation of African cultural identity, and to programs of detribalization, democratic modernization, and equal opportunity" (Wright:1997:1).
The only two discernible differences being first, that the valley society long since evolved a pluralistic society, and apparently passed through a detribalization process onto modernization, and second, that two-thirds of the state's humans congregate in the valley measuring 700 sq.
While he acknowledges the utility and importance of mestizaje in the 90s and recognizes the "very real presence of 'racial' or cultural mixing" (187), Miner offers a strong critique of the continued focus on mestizaje within the discipline of Chicano Studies, arguing that its role as a colonial paradigm or strategy has been instrumental in the detribalization of Indigenous peoples, and necessarily entails the rejection of Indigenous roots through rejection of notions of purity.
In our judgment, there is a real risk that such a detribalization could, in time, lead to the fragmentation of the EU and the return of instability on the continent."
While the language of "detribalization"--suggesting that tradition-bound Africans risked losing their minds when confronted with the stresses of Western modernity--is rightly seen as a hallmark of British ethnopsychiatry, Lambo likewise believed the rapidity of social change in Africa was causing widespread mental illness.
Increase in ageing population is associated with the influence of environmental factors such as urbanization, sedentary lifestyle, and detribalization created by acculturation process, which increase the burden of hypertension as indicated in various studies.
Rifkin highlights the heteronormative narrative of the 2004 Cherokee Nation statute that outlawed same-sex marriage as a violation of tribal tradition and the 2006 constitutional amendment that disenfranchised the Cherokee Freedmen, descendants of African and African American peoples enslaved by Cherokee tribal members prior to 1866, arguing that the latter reinstantiates the logics of US allotment-era policies aimed at detribalization. Rifkin brings Driskill's landmark theory of a "sovereign erotic," which recognizes the imbricated nature of sovereignty and sexuality, into play as a counterpoint to such damaging logics.
During the 1980s, increased educational attainment and sedentarization nurtured a process of detribalization; this meant that tribal affiliation relevant to people's sense of identity was waning.
Really, I am against decentralization of government power politics in South Sudan at the moment before achieving "detribalization" first as this breeds serious detrimental tribalism in the process.
The issue of detribalization is raised via the speaker's mention of certain African tribes, and the poet's focus on the character's experience of rupture with regards to the cultural, familial, and telluric contact with the Motherland is a response to the exploitative structure created by the colonial master on the plantation.