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Causing damage or harm; injurious.

det′ri·men′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.detrimentally - in a detrimental manner
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Clennam thought (and as he thought it, again felt ashamed of himself), was this notion of being disappointed in life, an assertion of station which the bridegroom brought into the family as his property, having already carried it detrimentally into his pursuit?
It is, I suppose, the reaction from the haunting fear which I have had, that this terrible affair and the reopening of his old wound might act detrimentally on Jonathan.
The noise, light pollution and increased traffic on the highway will detrimentally affect the residential amenity of local residents.
MSP Colin Smyth has called for council chiefs to step in and object to cuts which detrimentally affect services in their area.
They said the "outdated tax" was hindering plans for investment, holding back productivity growth and detrimentally impacting communities up and down the country.
Councillor MacLaren added:"It's important that planning boards make the right decisions and that includes allowing the communities most affected by planning applications to have the right to appeal decisions which they think will detrimentally impact on their local area.
The majority of those questioned - 80 per cent - believe that students with lower prior attainment are detrimentally affected by the new courses, while 79 per cent said the GCSEs are causing higher levels of student stress.
In the Act, cyber harassment is only viewed as so if it causes apprehension, detrimentally affects a person, is indecent or gross.SH20 MILLIONThe offence carries a Sh20 million fine or a 10-year prison sentence or both.
Alterations to the exterior are said to be 'minimal and are entirely reversible' and will not impact detrimentally on the fabric of the grade II-listed building or its setting.
But a campaign against the proposal was launched by students and lecturers, who claimed the upkeep of the garden would be detrimentally affected.
Anglo American Platinum is disappointed by the conduct of the union and its members at a time in which socio-economic pressures continue to detrimentally impact the sector and employment is so scarce.