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n. pl. detritus
1. Loose fragments or grains that have been worn away from rock.
2. Disintegrated or eroded matter; debris: the detritus of past civilizations.

[French détritus, from Latin dētrītus, from past participle of dēterere, to lessen, wear away; see detriment.]

de·tri′tal (-trīt′l) adj.
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However, where basal contents ale exposed they are generally tectonized and the underlying poorly lithified detrital rocks are squeezed into the fractured and karstified limestones.
The present study extends SHRIMP detrital zircon analysis to include very fine-grained zircons from soils in the highlands.
It is hoped that those consumers traditionally associated with foliage-based food webs be reconsidered, as they may be gaining a proportio n of their nutrition from organisms in the detrital pathway.
body size, physiology, and foraging modes of primary and higher-order consumers; physical structure of the habitat; abiotic factors; the prevalence of intraguild predation (IGP) and trophic-level omnivory; and whether or not the system is a grazing or detrital food web, or encompasses both (Abrams 1996, Persson et al.
The dynamics and functional significance of DMSP in individual mussels, the extent of direct versus indirect consumption of Spartina detritus, and the rate of detrital DMSP loss remain undetermined.
Part ofthe oxide ores are massive veins, of chemical grade (38-42%), although a large proportion is detrital (the result of erosion).
Detailed petrographic and XRD studies reveal that all the samples are predominantly composed of quartz and carbonates (mainly calcite) with subordinate feldspars (plagioclase and microcline varieties) as detrital matrix/ cement in all the samples.
The crust contains three types of iron ore-bearing material: large haematite / goethite type iron oxide, canga type oxidised ores and detrital ore.
Force and Barr (2012) examined the detrital zircon assemblage of a sandstone bed within a particularly thick and well-exposed Horton Group section dominated by conglomerate.