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n. hiperreflexia, reflejos exagerados.
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Bladder capacity of 365c and residual volume of 140 cc was reported by which urodynamic tests showed detrusor hyperreflexia (Figure 1).
Can persisting detrusor hyperreflexia be predicted after transurethral prostatectomy for benign prostatic hypertrophy?
Suprasacral plaques will cause varying degrees of detrusor hyperreflexia with associated signs and symptoms, and sacral plaques will result in detrusor hypocontractility and, possibly, pudendal neuropathy.
Sacral bladder denervation for treatment of detrusor hyperreflexia and autonomic dysreflexia," Urology, vol.
After the period of spinal shock, complete suprasacral injuries result in detrusor hyperreflexia and detrusor sphincter dyssynergia (DSD) (1,2) and complete sacral injuries result in detrusor areflexia (3).
Botulinum-A toxin for treating detrusor hyperreflexia in spinal cord injured patients: A new alternative to anticholinergic drugs Preliminary results.
This new term, which replaces older terms such as unstable bladder/detrusor instability and detrusor hyperreflexia, is a symptomatic diagnosis.
It is however important to remember that many patients with suprasacral SCI will require anticholinergic medication to be added to treat detrusor hyperreflexia.
The latter conditions give rise to detrusor hyperreflexia.
However, intermittent self-catheterization was still required for detrusor hyperreflexia.
Urinary dysfunction/incontinence is also common, with almost half of patients with vascular parkinonism estimated to experience detrusor hyperreflexia.
Among four patients with hyperreflexic bladder, surgery changed the detrusor hyperreflexia and high detrusor pressure to nearly normal storage and synergic voiding.