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 (dē′to͞o-mĕs′əns, -tyo͞o-)
Reduction or lessening of a swelling, especially of a swollen organ or part.

[From Latin dētumēscere, to subside : dē-, de- + tumēscere, to swell, inchoative of tumēre; see teuə- in Indo-European roots.]

de′tu·mes′cent adj.
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(Physiology) physiol characterized by detumescence
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adj (form)abschwellend
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Lockhart imagines the detumescent denouement of a day's ballooning:
One palm, open as if in a kind of offering, held rotting, detumescent pickles; the other grasped a spent cigarette, ash eerily intact.
are latent, tumescent, full erection, rigid erection and detumescent During the latent phase diameter of the cavernosal artery is at its maximum.