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 (do͞o′tə-rāt′, dyo͞o′-)
tr.v. deu·ter·at·ed, deu·ter·at·ing, deu·ter·ates
To introduce deuterium into (a chemical compound).

deu′te·ra′tion n.


the process of introducing deuterium into a molecule or chemical compound
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Request of Proposal for Supply of Chemicals and Fine Chemicals (Total 02 Items) Dimethyl sulfoxide - 06 deuteration degree in 99.
1][beta] monomer on nucleotide binding in solution, because of their relatively sharp NMR signals on deuteration of the other ring protons.
Selective deuteration of the methyl groups gave insight into the packing of the micelle core (1).
0 may be ascribed to deuteration, at least partial, of ionized carboxyl group of aspartic and glutamic acid (Barth 2000).
34) Deuteration of chloroform to deuterochloroform (CD[Cl.
Subpicosecond spectroscopy of liquid water in the infrared: Effect of deuteration on the structural and vibrational dynamics.
However, the deuteration itself may have altered the chemistry and physics of the individual components.
1] (Al-Mg-OH) are more characteristic, their assignments were confirmed by deuteration (Russel, Farmer and Velde, 1970).
This distinctive scattering characteristic allows researchers to highlight specific groups in complex molecules by selective deuteration and leads to major advances in our understanding of structures that occur, for example when viruses attack membranes, or when polymer layers interdiffuse.
Auspex is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics based on site-specific deuteration of promising drug candidates and clinically validated drugs.
Selective deuteration combined with X-ray and neutron reflectivity has been used to determine the extent of probe segregation to an interface in ultra-thin polymer films as a function of the number of thermal cycles.
Determination of the cation orientation was made possible by selective deuteration of the methyl groups of the quaternary nitrogen.