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Any of a numerous animals of the group Deuterostomia, in which the anus develops from the first opening in the embryo and the mouth develops later, and including the echinoderms, hemichordates, and chordates.

[From New Latin Deuterostomia, taxon name : deutero- + New Latin stoma; see stoma.]


any member of the major group of animals defined by the fact that during early embryonic development the first opening to form becomes the anus of the animal. The opposite is protostome


(ˈdu tər əˌstoʊm, ˈdyu-)

1. a mouth that develops separately from the blastopore.
2. an animal with this form of development, as an echinoderm or chordate.
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Evolution of galanin receptor genes: insights from the deuterostome genomes.
We think that as an early deuterostome this may represent the primitive beginnings of a very diverse range of species, including ourselves," study co-author Simon Conway Morris from the University of Cambridge, said in a (http://www.
They are wide-spread, occur both in pro- and eukaryotes, in particular in bacteria and are found in some viruses, protozoa, a few insect species and regularly in deuterostome animals, from echinoderms onward.
Evolution of the chordate body plan: New insights from phylogenetic analyses of deuterostome phyla.
Another very primitive stem group of deuterostomes, called ventulicolians, has also recently been described that might represent the anatomy of organisms near the base of the deuterostome evolutionary branch that were ancestral to both the chordates and echinoderms.
The deuterostome super-phylum includes three other major animal body architectures: the phyla Chordata (including Humans), Echinodermata (starfish and sea urchins) and Hemichordata (acorn worms).
It is conceivable that a twisting of the body organization would have turned a protostome into a deuterostome.
Of course, eyes are characteristic of the vertebrates in the deuterostome group.
We recently reported that larval sea stars are capable of complete regeneration of missing body parts, providing a new deuterostome model for the study of regeneration.
Despite being trained in comparative anatomy, or perhaps because of it, I was distrustful of some of the morphological criteria - for example, diploblastic versus triploblastic, or proterostome versus deuterostome - used in reconstructing phylogeny.
Amplification with BsGSF and BsGSR resulted in an amplicon of 304-bp sharing similarity with other deuterostome glutathione synthases (GSs) (GenBank accession no.
To infer the phylogenetic relationships of CrAQP with other AQP grades already recognized as occurring in parazoan, cnidarian, or basal deuterostome subclusters, we used the dataset and alignment computed by Finn and colleagues to build the tree presented in figure S4 of their 2014 paper (Finn et al.