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1. The act of developing or the state of being developed, as:
a. The application of techniques or technology to the production of new goods or services.
b. The business of constructing buildings or otherwise altering land for new uses.
2. A significant event, occurrence, or change: a news story covering the latest developments in the scandal.
3. A group of dwellings built by the same contractor: bought a condo in a new development built by the river.
4. The organized activity of soliciting donations or grants; fundraising.
5. Music
a. Elaboration of a theme with rhythmic and harmonic variations.
b. The central section of a movement in sonata form, in which the theme is elaborated and explored.

de·vel′op·men′tal (-mĕn′tl) adj.
de·vel′op·men′tal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.developmentally - with respect to development; "developmentally retarded"
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Through developmentally appropriate activities, the teachers foster physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth while promoting a lifetime love of learning.
OKLAHOMA CITY Dentists for the Disabled and Elderly in Need of Treatment received a $25,000 grant from the Oklahoma City Community Foundation and its Access to Health Care iFund grant program.<br />The grant will be used by D-DENT for its Restorative Dental Care Program that helps provide the elderly, the developmentally disabled, and veterans with free restorative dental care.
Mary's Residential Training School serves developmentally disabled adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities.
Mary's serves developmentally disabled adults with severe or profound intellectual disabilities.
The company also has a physical, occupational, mental health and speech therapy clinic on Fairview Avenue and a clinic for developmentally disabilities and mental health off Overland Road.
"Robotics for Young Children: STEM Activities and Simple Coding" by Ann Gadzikowski (who has more than twenty-five years of experience as a teacher and director of early childhood programs, and is the Early Childhood Coordinator for Northwestern University's Center for Talent Development, as well as overseeing the summer Leapfrog Program) introduces young children to the building and programming of robots through playful, developmentally appropriate activities.
Most important, I believed that many of the standards for grades K-2 might be developmentally inappropriate for young children.
Asa Hutchinson on Wednesday said projected savings from his plan to shift some Medicaid services to private firms would cut in half a waiting list for care of developmentally disabled people.
Two high school students witness a fellow classmate who is developmentally disabled being attacked under the bleachers at a football game.
The purpose of the study was to examine the Kuwaiti first grade teachers' perceptions of developmentally appropriate practices in teaching reading and writing.
Pica, an educational consultant, author, and radio host specializing in education of the whole child, children's physical activity, and developmentally appropriate practice, provides 29 essays on what is developmentally appropriate for children in early childhood and elementary classrooms, considering what would change in education if everyone understood child development.
This is the company's tenth consecutive year sponsoring some part of the world-renowned Cherry Blossom Festival and it is the third consecutive year that Birch has been the lead sponsor of the road race with proceeds benefiting developmentally disabled adults who are served by Wesley Glen Ministries.

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