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v. de·vi·at·ed, de·vi·at·ing, de·vi·ates
1. To turn aside from a course or way: hikers who deviated from the main path.
2. To depart, as from a norm, purpose, or subject; differ or stray. See Synonyms at swerve.
To cause to turn aside or differ.
n. (-ĭt)
A deviant.

[Late Latin dēviāre, dēviāt- : Latin dē-, de- + Latin via, road; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

de′vi·a′tor n.
de′vi·a·to′ry (-ə-tôr′ē) adj.
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Other imported beers from Cameron's include Early Bird Barley Wine, aged in Buffalo Trace barrels with maple syrup and cold-steeped coffee, and the bourbon barrel-aged Deviator Doppelbock.
According to the evaluation of the changes in the mean effective stress (p') and the deviator stress (q), both p' and q increase during the process of shield launching
Suppose other players will choose their trigger strategies from the next stage until the end and the deviator's future payoff will be [mathematical expression not reproducible], player i will never deviate from her cooperative strategy.
From Equations (5) and (6), [DELTA][sigma] and [DELTA][[sigma].sub.d] are found to be proportional to [[sigma].sub.1f] (deviator stress) and [[sigma].sub.1d] (deviator stress), respectively.
From the NCHRP 9-30A, the stress states of 483 MPa for deviator stress of confining pressure and the temperatures of 40[degrees]C and 54[degrees]C were recommended.
If one of the premium teams would consider leaving the cartel, rule-changes hurting its competitive position may be enacted by the cartel insiders through the Steering Group (where cartel outsiders and one deviator cannot have a majority of votes).
When tariffs and externality taxes are strategic complements, a simultaneous deviation in both policies grants the deviator less benefit than the sum of the gains in each policy independently.
Li et al [6] improve predicted method considers multilevel of deviator stresses and multisoil physical states that result from load-level variations, as well as seasonal and weather changes.
[m.sub.ij] is deviator part of couple stress tensor and [[chi].sub.ij] is the symmetric part of curvature tensor, which, using the modified couple stress theory [20, 22], are defined as