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tr.v. de·vised, de·vis·ing, de·vis·es
1. To form, plan, or arrange in the mind; design or contrive: devised a new system for handling mail orders.
2. Law To transmit or give (real property) by will.
3. Archaic To suppose; imagine.
n. Law
a. The act of transmitting or giving real property by will.
b. The property or lands so transmitted or given.
2. A will or clause in a will transmitting or giving real property.

[Middle English devisen, from Old French deviser, from Vulgar Latin *dēvīsāre, from Latin *dīvīsāre, frequentative of dīvidere, to divide; see divide.]

de·vis′a·ble adj.
de·vis′er n.
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1. (Law) law (of property, esp realty) capable of being transferred by will
2. able to be invented, contrived, or devised
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Devise-restricted homestead that is not validly devised or is not devisable descends as other intestate property, unless the decedent is survived by a spouse and one or more descendants, in which case the surviving spouse receives a life estate with a vested remainder in the then living descendants, per stirpes.
Eighteenth amendment has helped provinces to obtain the revenue from local sources as well for devisable pool.
and prepend to hash the minimum number of zeros in order to get the length of hash devisable by w.
(29) Both sets of rights are typically devisable by will or trust and subject to intestate succession, (30) meaning that the holders of copyright or publicity rights will often be family members who survive the author or identity-holder during the postmortem terms of protection.
In contrast to interactions, transactions are not devisable into individual, alternately affecting causal relations (Fruh, Schulze, & Wunsch, 2002).
Under NFC, 62 percent resources from devisable pool were given to them and all federating units got their share.
Iqbal observed that a political system, a democracy, guided by moral and spiritual values is the best system devisable as it will argue for freedom, equality and social and economic stability for the masses.
(108) The rationale for enforcing exculpatory clauses, subject to these safeguards, is very much akin to the rationale supporting forfeiture clauses: the property belongs to the settlor and is freely devisable pursuant to her direction and conditions.
The minister added that the increase in GST on petroleum products and a change in other taxes was imperative to meet various needs including release of funds to the provinces from the devisable pool.