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 (dĭ-vī′zər, dĕv′ĭ-zôr′)
n. Law
One that makes a devise; a testator.
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(Law) property law a person who devises property, esp realty, by will
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(dɪˈvaɪ zər)

a person who makes a devise.
[1535–45; < Anglo-French]
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Noun1.devisor - someone who devises real property in a will
testate, testator - a person who makes a will
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(8) The parties that may seek partition (joint tenants, tenants in common, or coparceners, beneficial interests in a "dry trust," and homestead property after the death of the homestead devisor) and those that may not (tenants by the entireties property before divorce, remaindermen and reversionary interests, life estates, property held by bankruptcy trustees) are settled.
In conversation with our group, the devisor of CM-TMS (Prof Paul Fitzgerald, Monash University) advised that the 5 sessions could also be delivered over 3 or 5 days.
We have used Euclidean Algorithm [15] to compute the greatest common devisor (GCD) between two non-negative integers.
"Prior to 2011, the dimensional devisor was 194," says Martinez.
(85) As devisor of a classification of the sciences based on the powers of the rational soul and the epistemological subject, Huarte has been hailed as a forerunner of Bacon.
While extensive television program format licensing continues, it is more profitable for a format owner or devisor to also be involved in the local production of a format rather than licensing it to another party.
As a finale, Moran compares the career of Reg Grundy to that of other format moguls including Rupert Murdoch (who inherited his first newspapers from his father), Mark Goodson (a pioneering American format devisor to whom Grundy once proposed a merger) and John de Mol, creator of Big Brother (whose personal fortune was estimated at $3 billion in 2007).
After a person's death a universal devolution of the estate takes place--"death of the devisor does not bring his property, property rights and duties to a termination.
For instance, it is difficult to find a suitable baud rate devisor integer for the 4,800 baud rate.
For the smaller anode electrode, it gave a smaller devisor and thus led to a higher electrosorption capacity.
The majority of education faculty have experienced relationships that may more appropriately be described as role modeling, or devisor.
Notations Throughout this paper, [epsilon] denotes a fixed but sufficiently small positive constant, the devisor function [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], and we denote f(x) [much less than] g(x) or f(x) = O(g(x)) for [absolute value of f(x)] [less than or equal to] Cg(x).