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Noun1.devitalisation - the act of reducing the vitality of something
reduction, step-down, diminution, decrease - the act of decreasing or reducing something
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Given her increasing blood loss and minimal changes to placental blood flow on ultrasound, she was administered a dose of 80mg methotrexate intramuscularly with the hope of accelerating devitalisation of the placenta.
This reluctance for use of electrocautery is attributed to the belief that electrosurgical instruments cause devitalisation of tissue within the wound which consequently lead to wound infection and delayed wound healing.
Previous surgical trauma not only altered the local anatomy, but also led to ischaemia and devitalisation of the tissues which resulted in severe adhesions and fibrosis, making subsequent repairs more difficult.
PLANS to lengthen Whitley Bay's drawn-out death pangs and contribute to the devitalisation of what was once a great place to live have today been given a boost by North Tyneside Council's decision to bulldoze the Central Lower Promenade and replace it with a grass slope.
Three control variables are expected to have a diminishing effect on the use of performance information: devitalisation, which is a seven-item socio-economic index calculated by MAMROT that is akin to deprivation (Andrews 2004; Andrews et al.
The more frequently appeared phenomena were devitalisation in 12 patients (80%) with a total of 23 responses, the mention of death appeared in 9 patients (60%) with a total of 13 responses, shocks to white and to emptiness appeared in 66% of the cases with 11 responses, distorted and weird appeared in 8 cases (53%) with 13 responses.
Si la devitalisation dentaire reste une solution plus couteuse - 300 dirhams - et n'est pas a la portee de tous, et si l'usage des antidouleurs est interdit pour les jeuneurs, une categorie de patients infortunes recourt a l'extraction dentaire - 50 dirhams - aupres du secteur informel loin des conditions de securite et d'hygiene.
Graft devitalisation and consecutive absorption processes can lead to decreased mechanical stability.
* Devitalisation: by using drugs or other methods, the pulp in the orifice becomes non-vital and non-functional, for example the formocresol technique is classified in this category.