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(12) Pregelatinized starch and spray-dried lactose improved the dissolution of ITR by virtue of its ability to arrest the devitrification process, thereby keeping the drug in amorphous state.
When firing the shells at relatively higher temperatures (1,562F [850C]) but below the devitrification temperature, the fused silica grains in the shells get significantly coarsened.
And additional firings can cause color changes and porcelain devitrification. For these reasons, mechanical finishing methods have been recommended instead of reglazing (5,9-11).
Greer, "Devitrification of the stable Al-rich amorphous alloy [Al.sub.85][Y.sub.8][Ni.sub.5][Co.sub.2]," Key Engineering Materials, vol.
Superior properties, for instance, mechanical and thermal stability, high devitrification resistance, and suitable infrared transparency, make tellurite glasses promising materials for variety of applications related to the field of optics, for example, light upconversion materials, lasers, solar cells, or optical amplifiers [1-6].
We, also, attempted to illustrate the relationship between devitrification of the rigid amorphous fraction and crystallization kinetics.
Some materials such as zinc can promote crystal growth (devitrification, the change from a glass to a crystalline state) in a glaze upon cooling.
The groundmass was replaced by a granoblastic aggregate of quartz, sericite, and opaque minerals, but it is still possible to recognize ghosts of devitrification textures, such as perlitic, spherulitic and patchy structures or sintaxial growths over the crystals (Fig.
Disideologization, devitrification, pluralization of the view of facts is occurring, Mircev comments.
We are considering in this paper realistic glasses in which a degree of devitrification has occurred.