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tr.v. de·vol·a·til·ized, de·vol·a·til·iz·ing, de·vol·a·til·iz·es
To remove volatile material from: devolatilize coal.

de·vol′a·til·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Charlie Martin is president and general manager of Leistritz, a leading supplier of twin-screw extrusion equipment for compounding, devolatilization, direct extrusion, pharmaceutical, and other applications.
The authors modeled oil shale devolatilization and char combustion at different oxygen concentrations by using a discrete activation energy model.
4%) from approximately room temperature to 154[degrees]C may be due to the devolatilization of moisture of bagasse fibers incorporated into the Cardanol epoxy resin composite.
Co-rotating, intermeshing twin screw extruders (TSEs) are used for the compounding of fillers and additives into a plastic, as well as for the devolatilization of moisture and other undesirable volatiles from the process melt stream.
Day 2 will include the following presentations: "Material handling, feeding and temperature control for compounding," Gary Burgardt and Joe Dziedzic, ACS Group; "Screw and process design for high torque twin screws," Tom Cunningham, Polymer Technology & Services; "Polymer devolatilization: Fundamentals and equipment," Chong Peng, Polymer Processing Institute/NJIT; "Maintenance and wear protection for TSEs" Bill Novak, Leistritz; "Tips for optimizing TSE performance and devolatilization system design, maintenance and practice," Bert Elliott, Leistritz; "Downstream product systems," Augie Machado, Leistritz; and "Control systems for extrusion," Pete Palmer, Wolock & Lott.
Thermal analysis and devolatilization kinetics of cotton stalk, sugar cane bagasse and shea meal under nitrogen and air atmospheres.
This article is devoted to analyzing the effect of water on the removal of the residual monomer and solvent used during the polymerization of ethylene in order to define a more effective devolatilization process.
They cover towards the computational modeling of pulverized coal fired boilers, the kinetics of coal devolatilization and combustion, thermogravimetric analysis and drop-tube furnace, a reactor network model of a pulverized coal fired boiler, and application to practice.
Volatile matter release and thin and thick char formation as a function of vitrinite content, coal rank, time and temperature devolatilization
BMT WBM has been modeling the physics and chemistry involved in the entrainment, devolatilization and combustion of the coal dust particles and the injection and vaporization of the suppressant.
These result in turn from the combination of a very large melt surface in the multi-screw section of the extruder, an intensive melt exchange and an optimum devolatilization.