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tr.v. de·vol·a·til·ized, de·vol·a·til·iz·ing, de·vol·a·til·iz·es
To remove volatile material from: devolatilize coal.

de·vol′a·til·i·za′tion (-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
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The extremely high devolatilizing and decontamination performance of this technology has been especially convincing.
Whether compounding, devolatilizing or reactive processing, give B&P a call and learn how a TriVolution compounder can enhance your process performance
These systems are said to be proven and validated worldwide for critical applications such as devolatilizing and removal of unreacted monomer from injectable and implantable polymeric silicone and other chemistry based materials and devices.
With this design, the company says, devolatilizing performance is 50 times greater than that of a conventional single-screw extruder, "and this at a vacuum of only 25 to 40 mbar.
Therefore, how different the surface renewal devolatilizing performances (SRDPs) between a SSE and an ICoTSE and between both the types becomes a great interested and practical subject.
After the plastic types have been separated, solvent is removed from each by using flash devolatilization and then a devolatilizing extruder.
Due to this design, the devolatilizing performance is approximately fifty times greater than that of a conventional single screw extruder, and this at a vacuum of only 25 to 40 mbar.
The company says that the NOL allows the MRS extruder, its devolatilizing system, and the Rotary Melt Filtrations System to process up to 100% unwashed PET bottle flakes for food-contact containers.
The TEM Series is said to offer superior dispersing, distributing and devolatilizing properties, according to the company.
The extrudate passed through the devolatilizing vent at the interconnection of the two extruders of the tandem system, and entered the second, single-screw extruder.
is aimed at compounding, masterbatch production, devolatilizing, and underwater pelletizing, among other applications.
devolatilizing extruder as described in this paper.