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tr.v. de·wormed, de·worm·ing, de·worms
To cure (an animal) of worms; worm.

de·worm′er n.
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(Veterinary Science) an agent for ridding (animals) of worms
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Pet health and hygiene product supplier Bob Martin has introduced a new 'Spot On Dewormer' to their range.
Chili, for instance, is mixed in grain to treat respiratory ailments, stimulate appetite during heat stress, as a dewormer, and as treatment for Newcastle disease.
"We used to eat the losers after a fight," Demoruelle said in passing, "but the dewormer some people use now makes the meat carcinogenic."
A few other birds showed signs of infestation and he requested me to prescribe an effective dewormer, which I promptly did.INTEREST POULTRY RESEARCHERSThe service provider identified himself as a veterinary para-professional with 30 years of experience but he had never seen a case of gapeworms before.
A dewormer may be needed or an intestinal antibiotic to help with any overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria that are releasing toxins and causing the diarrhea.
Patrick Antonio and Sonny Lagon won the championship with 5 points followed by Thor Mighty Dewormer of Eric dela Rosa, and Thunder Bee- JU with 4 1/2 points, Jade Red of Arman Santos, Camsur Ahluck of Willard Ty, Pililia of Cap Ato and Mayor Bulter, San Leonardo of Mayor Elan Nagano, JRS Game farm of Jun Sevilla, CPB RD of Gov.
My favourite (yes, I have a favourite dewormer) is Deworm the World (
About four weeks before her due date, you can give the mother-to-be a dose of dewormer. Read the instructions carefully, but most dewormers are safe for pregnant females.
As a dewormer, the macrocyclic lactone ivermectin (Ivomec) is considered to be the most effective against deer worm larvae that haven't yet crossed the bloodbrain barrier (see "Blood-Brain Barrier"on page 88).
My girls loved the pumpkin seeds, which I understand are a natural dewormer.