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 (dĕk′stər-əs, -strəs) also dex·trous (-strəs)
1. Skillful in the use of the hands.
2. Having mental skill or adroitness.
3. Done with dexterity: a dexterous maneuver.

[From Latin dexter, skillful; see dexter.]

dex′ter·ous·ly adv.
dex′ter·ous·ness n.
Synonyms: dexterous, deft, adroit, handy, nimble
These adjectives refer to skill and ease in performance. Dexterous implies physical or mental agility: dexterous fingers; a dexterous debater.
Deft suggests quickness, sureness, neatness, and lightness of touch: deft strokes; a deft turn of phrase.
Adroit implies ease and natural skill, especially in challenging situations: an adroit skier; an adroit negotiator.
Handy suggests a more modest aptitude, principally in manual work: handy with tools.
Nimble stresses quickness and lightness in physical or mental performance: nimble feet; nimble wits.
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1. The quality or state of being mentally agile:
2. Skillfulness in the use of the hands or body:
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Abram's exploit in Egypt accentuates his dexterousness.
Over two years, we grew STC to 30,000 s/f in the tower, representing both the ownership and the tenant," recalled Leon, noting that a combination of ownership dexterousness and the building's own striking spaces resulted in an ongoing campaign to reconfigure square footage at the building to suit tenant expansion.