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1. Of, relating to, or located on the right side; right.
2. Right-handed.
3. Zoology Of or relating to a gastropod shell that coils clockwise and has its aperture to the right when facing the observer with the apex upward.

dex·tral′i·ty (dĕk-străl′ĭ-tē) n.
dex′tral·ly adv.
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1. (Anatomy) of, relating to, or located on the right side, esp of the body; right-hand
2. (Physiology) of or relating to a person who prefers to use his or her right foot, hand, or eye; right-handed
3. (Biology) (of the shells of certain gastropod molluscs) coiling in an anticlockwise direction from the apex; dextrorse
dextrality n
ˈdextrally adv
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(ˈdɛk strəl)

1. of, pertaining to, or on the right side.
2. having a preference for using the right hand or side; right-handed.
3. (of certain gastropod shells) coiling clockwise, as seen from the apex.
Compare sinistral.
[1640–50; < Latin dext(e)r (see dexter)]
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Adj.1.dextral - of or on the right; "a dextral gastropod shell with the apex upward has its opening on the right when facing the observer"; "a dextral flatfish lies with the right eye uppermost"
clockwise - in the same direction as the rotating hands of a clock
right-handed - using or intended for the right hand; "a right-handed batter"; "right-handed scissors"
sinistral - of or on the left; "a sinistral gastropod shell with the apex upward has its opening on the left when facing the observer"; "a sinistral flatfish lies with the left eye uppermost"
2.dextral - preferring to use right foot or hand or eye; "dextral individuals exhibit dominance of the right hand and eye"
right-handed - using or intended for the right hand; "a right-handed batter"; "right-handed scissors"
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In the ophiletid Asgardaspira Wagner, 2002, the whorls rise in an open coil from or close to the apex to form a dextral hyperstrophic shell (Fig.
The main difference with respect to other shear zones in the study area is well-developed quartz porphyroclast texture accompanied by dextral sheared microstructure and preferred orientation.
Sanchez allegedly agreed but called WeDo again to demand P1 million in cash as payment to Dextral Lending Corp., a lending firm owned by the late Gov.
According to Kramer, fused OFT cushions participate in the formation of the dextral and sinistral cusps of the arterial valves.
According to the neurosurgeon, 'Sinistral and Dextral are two scientific types of handedness (chirality) or (relative direction) in people''.
El poro genital es unilateral y dextral, se abre en el tercio superior del lado del proglotis.
Rafini [38] modelled damage zones of the CLLF during the late dextral strike-slip.
So shock wave and small flow structure appear together as it contains dextral positive shock wave entering flow field with density fluctuate.
Second, while the vast majority of shells are dextral (opening on the right) and sinistral mutations rare, the sinistral (left-handed) form of C.