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 (dĕk′străn′, -strən)
Any of a group of branched polysaccharides with various molecular weights that are used to prevent thrombosis, as plasma volume expanders, and as food additives.


(Biochemistry) biochem a polysaccharide produced by the action of bacteria on sucrose: used as a substitute for plasma in blood transfusions
[C19: from dextro- + -an]


(ˈdɛk strən)

a viscous polysaccharide produced by bacterial action on sucrose: used in confections and lacquers and as a blood-plasma extender.
[1875–80; dextr (ose) + -an2]
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Dextran 40 is still available, but has recently not been prescribed due to concerns raised regarding its safety.
Dextran 40 (Rheomacrodex) or Polygeline (Haemaccel) as an epidural patch for post dural puncture headache: a neurotoxicity study in a rat model of Dextran 40 and Polygeline injected intrathecally.
Colloids, such as albumin, blood, plasma, and Dextran 40, are useful for patients with fluid volume overload because they expand the intravascular spaces without adding significantly more fluid.