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n. dextroposición, desplazamiento hacia la derecha.
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Computed tomography of the chest revealed right lung agenesis with resultant complete dextroposition of the heart, compression of the distal trachea, and proximal left bronchus beneath the aorta (Figure 2).
The most frequent heart alterations are the dextroposition of the heart with displacement of the mediastinum, absence of the pericardium and other malformations, such as atrial septal defect (60-70%) or ventricular septal defect, coarctation of the aorta, and tetralogy of Fallot in 25% of cases (3,6,7).
The chest radiograph revealed a hypoplastic right lung-associated mediastinal shift to the right and cardiac dextroposition (Fig.
In addition to partial abnormal pulmonary venous return into the vena cava inferior, cardiac dextroposition and right lung hypoplasia, the other significant abnormalities accompanying the syndrome include receiving of arterial blood directly from the aorta by the right lung with a rate of 60% and atrial septal defect (ASD) with a rate of 40% (1).
Postoperatively, computed tomography (CT) scan revealed dextroposition of the bladder, reduced bladder capacity, irregular thickness of the bladder wall (up to 19 mm), the most callous in the area of the vault, with severe bladder trabeculation or diverticula and with no lymph node metastases in the pelvic cavity.
In this study, the pathologic displacement of the heart into the right or left thorax by extracardiac malformations was defined as dextroposition, mesoposition and levoposition (8).