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Adv.1.dextrously - with dexterity; in a dexterous manner; "dextrously he untied the knots"
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"The surgeon having very expeditiously and dextrously finished his business, began to enquire in what part of the town the wounded man lodged; who answered, `That he was come to town that very morning; that his horse was at an inn in Piccadilly, and that he had no other lodging, and very little or no acquaintance in town.'
An instant afterwards he hastily drew back his head, saying, "I thought so!" and sliding from the shoulders of Dantes as dextrously as he had ascended, he nimbly leaped from the table to the ground.
He answered silently by an affirmative inclination of the head, which dextrously turned Mrs.
Dextrously thou aim'st; So willingly doth God remit his Ire, Though late repenting him of Man deprav'd, Griev'd at his heart, when looking down he saw The whole Earth fill'd with violence, and all flesh Corrupting each thir way; yet those remoov'd, Such grace shall one just Man find in his sight, That he relents, not to blot out mankind, And makes a Covenant never to destroy The Earth again by flood, nor let the Sea Surpass his bounds, nor Rain to drown the World With Man therein or Beast; but when he brings Over the Earth a Cloud, will therein set His triple-colour'd Bow, whereon to look And call to mind his Cov'nant: Day and Night, Seed time and Harvest, Heat and hoary Frost Shall hold thir course, till fire purge all things new, Both Heav'n and Earth, wherein the just shall dwell.
There is a chance that if the religious tensions had been handled dextrously and prudently, communal harmony could have been preserved.
But displaying as much agility as their parents, they extract the said seeds dextrously, like little trapeze artists, sometimes finding themselves upside down as they carefully prise out the nutritious seeds!
Addressing the meeting, the chief minister said that the promotion of information and communication technologies in different sectors would bring ease in the lives of the citizens, adding that ICT would be dextrously utilised to develop the outdated system on modern lines.
Whereas Hansi strummed an ill-tuned guitar and vituperated his father and uncle in public, Wolfi played the flute and edged dextrously around his parent.
Anyway, girl in black sat and proceeded to twiddle away on her Smartphone, thumbs dextrously tapping away.
Not here in 'She Town', where the dextrously fingered women were needed to work in the jute mills, while the men - kettle boilers - "stayed hame and looked after the bairns".
On both sides of the Atlantic he was portrayed as a god-like figure dextrously pulling the strings in a dazzling puppet show of high finance.
This little oil sketch on paper, Beaching a Boat, Brighton, is as free and fresh as one could hope, with Constable's purple-brown primer still visible under the racing clouds and the painting's near monochrome palette dextrously enhanced by a touch of brilliant yellow and of red, and bold gestural sweeps of creamy pigment (Fig.