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 (där′mə, dûr′-)
1. Hinduism & Buddhism
a. The principle or law that orders the universe.
b. Individual conduct in conformity with this principle.
c. The essential function or nature of a thing.
2. Hinduism Individual obligation with respect to caste, social custom, civil law, and sacred law.
3. Buddhism
a. The body of teachings expounded by the Buddha.
b. Knowledge of or duty to undertake conduct set forth by the Buddha as a way to enlightenment.
c. One of the basic, minute elements from which all things are made.

[Sanskrit dharmaḥ, statute, law; see dher- in Indo-European roots.]

dhar′mic adj.
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(of religion or beliefs) of Indian origin
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Hindus from all over the world have visited and paid their respects and prayed at the temple, which features several beautiful murals of Lord Krishna but has made space for the numerous subsects of devotees within dharmic religions.
The organizations which took part in rally and Dharna included Voice of Kohistan, All Hindu Panchayet, District Hindu Panchayet Hyderabad, All Kohistan Panchayet, Kohistani Dharmic Tanzeem, Pakistan Hindu Council, Women Action Forum, Sindh Soofi Sangat, Peace Council of Pakistan, Sindh Facebook Friends, Jeay Sindh, Helping Hands, Komal group foundation, Hamkhayal Sangat and others.
"It is unfortunate that earlier TDP government has done a lot of injustice to Hindu Temples and Hindu Dharmic System.
In all three, the secret tests are used to find out whether the officials are more loyal to the king than to one of these three: dharmic behavior, wealth, and sexual pleasure (KAS 1.10.2-12).
Every legitimate ambition can be fulfilled within the framework of the Constitution." In fact, all Indians rejoice when they see their fellow citizens live in religious earnestness and follow their own dharmic convictions.
(43) It is possible that writers of New Age texts such as The Morning of the Magicians were aware of dialogical philosophy, but it is more likely that they were influenced by Romanticism, esotericism, theosophy, and transcendentalism, with their attendant adaptations of Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and other dharmic philosophies, that posit various forms of consciousness that transcend subject-object dualism.
For what I think are understandable reasons, the book has confined its attention to these two "other" religions, and has not chosen to explore, for example, the Dharmic faiths.
Tillman is an avid reader and preacher of Bhagavath Gita, the ancient sacred Sanskrit text from India, holy to a billion plus people, his specialization is engaging the youth in Dharmic activities in many of its dimensions.
The question is whether the agenda of BJP is foremost that of modernisation and catering to the "pecuniary" middle classes with merely a nod to Gita-based value education or if they are sincere about introducing value based dharmic education.
In other words, he led the life of a married person and home-builder, which is the second stage of a virtuous life lived according to Dharmic principles.