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A cotton rug made in South Asia.

[Hindi darī, from Middle Indic *darita, split cane, mat, from variant of Sanskrit dalita-, past participle of dalati, he splits; see der- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈdɜr i)

a thick, nonpile cotton rug of India.
[1875–80; < Hindi darī]
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Moving on to younger styles, Jaipur designer Swati Vijaivargie took inspiration from the flat weaving Kilim and Dhurrie techniques from the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.
Raita stripe double duvet cover, PS50; Raita stripe pillowcases, PS15 per pair; Raita stripe Oxford pillowcase, PS10 each; Mr Fox cushion, PS35; Raita stripe cushion, PS25; throw, PS120; Dhurrie wallpaper 110457, PS34 per roll; curtains, made from Plains Five 131157, PS35 per metre.
It includes a set of handmade Sundance Mountain plates ($275), a handmsde iron Grafton Gate bed ($1,195-1,295), the Alpine Loop table lamp ($775), which repurposes machinery and random parts, and the handloomed wool-and-cotton Sun Canyons dhurrie rug ($245-695).
The beloved (and super-durable) striped dhurrie rug gets a new take.
From indoor and outdoor rugs, dhurrie rugs, fuzzy rugs, to natural fiber rugs, Burke Decor has an unbelievable selection to accessorize any room.
This music is actually the cue for people to begin filing into the hall and take their places on the thick dhurrie or rug that covers the floor, or the rows of plastic chairs at the back of the hall.
Vittadini chose a striped dhurrie carpet to optically widen the living room and tied white canvas cushions to chairs and benches as if she were lacing up St.
Smith's 63 products -- including dhurrie rugs and table linens -- with symbols, color schemes and patterns to be used for a specific holiday were considered festive articles and thus, duty-free.
A Dhurrie stair runner in bold stripes would suit a hippy chic or contemporary interior.
Concrete patios can be freshened up with a large straw mat or inexpensive dhurrie rug under the table, available at stores such as Pier 1 Imports or Cost Plus World Market.