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A cotton rug made in South Asia.

[Hindi darī, from Middle Indic *darita, split cane, mat, from variant of Sanskrit dalita-, past participle of dalati, he splits; see der- in Indo-European roots.]


(ˈdɜr i)

a thick, nonpile cotton rug of India.
[1875–80; < Hindi darī]
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The home decor offerings give shoppers an opportunity to add traditional elegance to their homes, with stone, marble and brass artefacts, dhurries and Jaipuri quilts, rich tapestry, Rangoli and Madhubani arts, torans and jharokas.
A total of 4 tonnes of disaster relief material including dry provisions(rice, dal, salt, dehydrated potato and onion), water, blankets, raincoats, disposable clothes, mosquito nets and dhurries has been handed over to the local administration by INS Dweeprakshak and Naval Detachment Minicoy.
Initially, Fabindia supplied hand woven textiles and dhurries to a number of stores abroad, including Habitat.
These include some of the first opportunities in the private sector for individual textile designers like Riten Mazumdar who designed dhurries for Fabindia (figure 7), and Romanie Jaitly who designed block-prints for Anokhi.
Caption: Karma Living: Karma Living focuses on handcrafted textile product and will unveil its handloomed cotton dhurries in its Indigenous Tapestries collection.
Distinctive Kilim woolen rugs and intricate hand- knotted silk carpets from Afghanistan,handwoven dhurries and carpets by traditional weavers from Uttar Pradesh and Kashmir,embroidered suf,sujini and lambani by craftswomen from Gujarat,Bihar and Karnataka are a few highlights of the bazaar,along with Indian bandhini and shibori from India.
Shop for earthernware at Chunar, as well as dhurries, carpets and brassware in Mirzapur.
Thus we see the origin of the famous song lyric "Leave your dhurries on the warstep.
Having had success with an earlier dhurries line called Pura Vida, the company continued with the recent introduction of its licensed rug collection with Coastal Living magazine, which had new colorways added at High Point Market.
There's now a huge choice available on the high street in stores such as Habitat, Ikea, The Pier and Argos, a growing band of rug designers, and beautiful antique Persian rugs, kilims and dhurries.
If you like pattern, use vintage wallpaper to decorate one wall, and add interest on a plain floor with old animal skins, interesting rugs such as Persian prayer mats or Indian dhurries.
Similarly, Ahuja can be credited with several firsts: that of expanding the flat-woven dhurries oeuvre through explorations that included altering textures, extending the patterning and delving into the then unexplored colour spectrum of whites and pale pastels--a far cry from the usual deep, dark shades associated with dhurries.