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A dark-gray to black, fine-textured igneous rock composed mainly of feldspar and pyroxene and used for monuments and as crushed stone.

[French, partly from Greek diabasis, a crossing over (from diabainein, to pass through or over; see diabetes) and partly from diabase (dia-, two alteration of di-, from Greek di-; see di-1 + base, basis, from Old French; see base1).]


1. (Geological Science) Brit an altered dolerite
2. (Geological Science) US another name for dolerite
[C19: from French, from Greek diabasis a crossing over, from diabainein to cross over, from dia- + bainein to go]
ˌdiaˈbasic adj


(ˈdaɪ əˌbeɪs)

a fine-grained gabbro occurring as minor intrusions.
[1830–40; < French, =dia- (error for di- two) + base base1]
di`a•ba′sic, adj.
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McLeod (1979) and McLeod and Rast (1988) later confirmed this interpretation and recognized that the voluminous gabbro and diabase intrusions of the Cutler Diabase that intrude the Quoddy Formation in Maine (Gates 1961, 1977) outcrop on Campobello Island.
This second hole will test one or both contacts of this near vertical diabase for potential parallel kimberlite structures.
Hole CB-05-97 also intercepted the Main zone, to the east of the diabase dyke.
CB-05-91 intercepted two mineralized veins east of the diabase dyke.
Proceeds from the sale of the flow-through units will be used for exploration work, primarily on the Company's Diabase uranium exploration project in Saskatchewan and the Minago nickel deposit located in Manitoba's Thomspon Nickel Belt.
The first 'bearing' layer consisted mainly of limestone; the second 'binder' course primarily greywacke and moraline--while the final 'wearing' layer was made up of diabase moraline, known for its resistance to anti-icing agents.
The rock types used as dimension stone include granite, gneiss, gabbro, diabase, marble, limestone, sand stone, soapstone and slate.
The quarry, from which diabase rock is extracted, has been closed since 2003 when the company, Farmakas Ltd, stopped operations.
Canyon Creek has formed a deeply incised, 60-m waterfall in the dark green diabase (dolerite) and quartzite rock layer (Gregory 1984) resulting in a narrow, deep canyon with the cliff of the falls forming a "box.
Much of the artist's work in the exhibition is produced in Diabase, a dense high-quality, completely black Swedish stone.
Classification, parent materials, localisation in the Sao Paulo State, and sampling depth of soils Soil Classification Parent material 1 Typic Hapludox Sandstone 2 Rhodic Acrudox Argillites 3 Typic Hapludox Schist 4 Rhodic Acrustox Basalt 5 Rhodic Acrudox Diabase 6 Rhodic Acrudox Argillites 7 Typic Hapludox Basalt 8 Typic Hapludox Argillites 9 Xanthic Acrustox Basalt 10 Typic Hapludox Granite 11 Rhodic Acrustox Basalt 12 Xanthic Acrustox Diabase Soil Localisation Depth (m) 1 Aguai 0.
Iron is found for example in the diabase of Eurajoe, which is widely used as a mineral in asphalt concrete in Estonia.