diabetes insipidus

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diabetes in·sip·i·dus

A chronic disorder marked by excessive urination and usually intense thirst and dehydration, caused either by insufficient production or release of the pituitary hormone vasopressin or by inability of the kidneys to respond effectively to vasopressin.

[New Latin diabētēs īnsipidus, literally, insipid diabetes (so called because the urine of those suffering from the disease lacks the sweet taste characteristic of diabetes mellitus) : Medieval Latin diabētēs, diabetes; see diabetes + Latin īnsipidus, insipid; see insipid.]

diabetes insipidus

(Pathology) a disorder of the pituitary gland causing excessive thirst and excretion of large quantities of dilute urine
[C18: New Latin, literally: insipid diabetes]

diabe′tes in•sip′i•dus

(ɪnˈsɪp ɪ dəs)
a disorder characterized by increased urine production caused by inadequate secretion of vasopressin by the pituitary gland.
[< New Latin: literally, bland diabetes]

diabetes insipidus

A condition in which, usually, the pituitary in the brain is faulty and the kidneys do not absorb enough water, resulting in a high urine output and intense thirst.
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Noun1.diabetes insipidus - a rare form of diabetes resulting from a deficiency of vasopressin (the pituitary hormone that regulates the kidneys); characterized by the chronic excretion of large amounts of pale dilute urine which results in dehydration and extreme thirst
diabetes - a polygenic disease characterized by abnormally high glucose levels in the blood; any of several metabolic disorders marked by excessive urination and persistent thirst
nephrogenic diabetes insipidus - diabetes insipidus caused by a failure of the kidney to respond to normal levels of vasopressin

di·a·be·tes in·sip·i·dus

n. diabetes insípida nefrógena, causada por una deficiencia en el gasto de hormona antidiurética.
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If the diagnosis of central diabetes insipidus is made early (e.
Post-operative complications: These included hyponatraemia (serum sodium <130 mEq/1), hyperglycaemia (venous plasma glucose [greater than or equal to] 200 mg/dl), cerebrospinal fluid leak and diabetes insipidus (DI).
Symptoms and signs include cardiovascular arrhythmias (especially junctional dysarrhythmias) and central nervous system tremor, confusion, coma and neprhrogenic diabetes insipidus.
Desmopressin, in a tablet formulation, is approved in the United States for treating central diabetes insipidus and nocturnal enuresis in children and is occasionally used off-label for patients with nocturia.
The most common complication is diabetes insipidus (DI), especially in patients with pituitary microadenomas and Cushing disease.
Diabetes Insipidus is also known to carry similar symptoms - thirst being one of the main ones.
Mr Gorny was suffering from diabetes insipidus, a condition which caused him to be aggressive towards nurses on May 27, 2009, the day before he died.
The disease is also known as DIDMOAD, short for Diabetes Insipidus, Diabetes Mellitus, Optic Atrophy and Deafness, the names of all the disorders it causes.
The patient subsequently developed panhypopituitarism, diabetes insipidus and total blindness.
Three months later, she was diagnosed with cancer-like disease Langerhans' cell histiocytosis (LCH) and diabetes insipidus - a serious kidney condition.
An intermediate form, Hand-Shuller-Christian disease, is composed of the triad of calvarial lesions, diabetes insipidus, and exophthalmos.

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