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[Alteration (influenced by Spanish diablo, devil) of diable.]
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Diablo, which bulked, twin-peaked, greencrinkled, against the sky.
His first thought was that it was the dump of a mine tunnel, but remembering that he was not in gold-bearing country, he dismissed the scar from his mind and continued the circle of his survey to the southeast, where, across the waters of San Pablo Bay, he could see, sharp and distant, the twin peaks of Mount Diablo. To the south was Mount Tamalpais, and, yes, he was right, fifty miles away, where the draughty winds of the Pacific blew in the Golden Gate, the smoke of San Francisco made a low-lying haze against the sky.
Diablo III now also includes - as its name suggests - the Reaper Of Souls expansion.
But whatever your views, Diablo, the six-week old American barn owl, is already proving a popular attraction at the Redcar wildlife sanctuary.
Diablo, which deals with memory system interface products, has appointed Jim Miller as its new VP of engineering.
200 NIPS AND TUCKS AND I WANT MORE (Channel 5, 9pm) DIABLO Delenfer (formerly Gavin Paslow) from Kent says: "I'm not satanic at all.
| Red-eye in photos is unavoidable for Diablo Delenfer
Doug and Claire Hassell's First 44.7, Diablo, made great gains on the first day.
Diablo III translates to consoles unexpectedly well.
If you asked me to sum up Diablo III in one line, here's what I would say: it's an average game that you should play, at least once.
ASUS, a leading consumer notebook vendor and maker of innovative motherboards, said it has launched its special edition HD 7870 DirectCU II TOP graphics card which is now bundled with a collectible Diablo III mouse pad.
Diablo, a 19-year-old Welsh Cob stallion owned by stunt rider Dylan Jones, is making remarkable progress since having his second eye removed three weeks ago.