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[Alteration (influenced by Spanish diablo, devil) of diable.]
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Diablo, which bulked, twin-peaked, greencrinkled, against the sky.
His first thought was that it was the dump of a mine tunnel, but remembering that he was not in gold-bearing country, he dismissed the scar from his mind and continued the circle of his survey to the southeast, where, across the waters of San Pablo Bay, he could see, sharp and distant, the twin peaks of Mount Diablo.
From the crypts deep beneath Blizzard Entertainment today came a dark invocation proclaiming that the Rise of the Necromancer pack, which summons the much- anticipated necromancer class into Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, has been unveiled to those in the living realm digitally in-game on PC or through the online Blizzard Shop, PlayStation Store, and Xbox One Store.
On the streets of Diablo jobs are scarce, tempers roiling and dead men are stripped almost before they hit the ground.
Since 2014's release of Diablo 3 expansion, Reaper of Souls, not much has been heard of from Blizzard Entertainment with regards to one of its most beloved franchises.
Most importantly, it reflects our strong commitment to supporting local employees as well as the community in transitioning to a future without Diablo Canyon Power Plant in operation," said Geisha Williams, president, PG&E Electric.
California's Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) would close the Diablo Canyon Power Plant located between San Francisco and Los Angeles by 2025.
That's because Casillero del Diablo (Spanish for 'Devil's Cellar') has been flooding our supermarket shelves at rock-bottom prices in recent weeks - while blitzing our senses with a stylish James Bondesque advertising campaign.
smooth del Diablo Red 2014 Now back to the cheaper bottles and the Casillero del Diablo Merlot Reserva 2014 from Chile's Central Valley.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Blizzard revealed two more characters coming to Heroes of the Storm, both of which come from Diablo III.
com)-- Sunset Development Company, planner and developer of the Bishop Ranch business community, has partnered with non-profit Save Mount Diablo as a California Condor Sponsor for 2015.
La figura del diablo ha protagonizado a lo largo de la historia humana todo tipo de discusiones y representaciones fundamentadas desde lo filosofico, lo teologico y lo religioso.