diachronic linguistics

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Noun1.diachronic linguistics - the study of linguistic change; "the synchrony and diachrony of language"
linguistics - the scientific study of language
sound law - a law describing sound changes in the history of a language
deriving, etymologizing, derivation - (historical linguistics) an explanation of the historical origins of a word or phrase
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The Writing of Spirit does not aim to retell the familiar story whereby synchronic replaces diachronic linguistics as the temporal development of language governed by a Romantic Sprachgeist is supplanted by a theory of--emphatically spiridess-differential signification.
The final paper in this section on diachronic linguistics is Ondrej Tichy and Jan Cermak's "Measuring Typological Syntheticity of English Diachronically with the Use of Corpora." Inspired by Benedikt Szmrecsanyi's (2012) work, which challenges the widely held idea that English has evolved typologically from a synthetic to an analytic status, Tichy and Cermak propose a different measure, by using the standard Shannon entropy formula, which allows them to confirm the traditional assumption quantitatively and thus reject that of Szmrecsanyi (2012).
Aarts, the Director of the Survey of English Usage and Professor of English Linguistics at UCL; Close, Lecturer in English Language at the University of Chester; Leech, Emeritus Professor of English Linguistics at Lancaster University; and Wallis, Senior Research Fellow in the Survey of English Usage at UCL, make a significant contribution in the area of diachronic linguistics by producing this book as an outcome of their research on The Changing Verb Phrase in present-day British English funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.
Writings on the synchronous and diachronic linguistics; v.12
Tiner, "Going to HEL: REED and Diachronic Linguistics" (176-96).
Consequently, according to this decidedly anti-functionalist paradigm, "optimization" and "simplification" do not play any interesting role in diachronic linguistics, since changes are not gradual (p.